30- Mortals Will Be Called to Assist - NOCO 111
Monjoronson – 2000 Year History of Mission Preparation - Expansion of Archive - Transition Era; World of Change – Oct. 18, 2009 – NOCO - #111

NOCO 111 Transcript Text

Northern Colorado TeaM, #111
Boulder, Colorado
Teacher:  Monjoronson


•    Plans for Magisterial Son Made at Time of Lucifer Rebellion
•    Preparation for Transition Era Made During the Renaissance
•    It Is Time to Begin Building a Sustainable World
•    Making a Spiritual Contribution to the Universe
•    Releasing the Restraints Put on Earth Changes
•    Mortals must Adapt in Order to Survive
•    Do Not Fall into Fear – Be the Light
•    Maintain Hardware of Support Systems
•    Mortals Will Be Called to Assist
•    A Need for Friendly Venues


•    Expansion of Archive
•    Swine Flu and Pandemics
•    Narcissistic Nature of the Nation
•    Next Shift in World Economy
•    Economic Equality must Be Applied
•    Quantities of Midwayers
•    Monjoronson’s Physical Presence Not of Concern at Present
•    Mortal Leadership Is of Primary Importance
•    Achieving Right Working of the World
•    Dealing with Corruption and Lack of Ethics

 TR:  Daniel Raphael
October 18, 2009