24- Community & Working Together 9/9/2008 USA
Community & Working Together 9/9/2008 USA
Athena - A Celestial Artisan
A Teleconference
The Volunteer Army Is The Best
Teachers: Athena and Tomas
T/R Gerdean
September 04, 2008

Gerdean: Father God, Mother Spirit, we call upon You to come into our consciousness to help give us focus on our spirit life, our inner life, that part of us that is often overlooked in the hustle bustle of life. Help us dig deep down into the well where You reside within us. Let us tap into that Source of infinite supply, that creative Source.

Lest I become lost in that body of living water, let me just thank You, Father, for that boundless Source of peace and energy, that place where we can always go when life gets too hectic or too problematic, knowing You are there to catch us, strengthen us and provide good orderly direction as we return our focus on Your will.

If it be Your will, Father God, send us a teacher who will inspire us and lift us up into realms of divine companionship and infinite association, that we might enjoy being unfettered for awhile, and thank You for this realm into which we reach and the format that You have given us to do that. Thank you for all your gifts, Father God.

In Michael's name, amen.

ATHENA: I am Athena. I am a celestial artisan. I am not a stranger to you or this process. I have been active in accessing the mind of this T/R for many years. And while most of our work has been more private than this venue, I am attempting to encourage her to allow me to exercise my voice. I helped her write a book, or perhaps I should say she helped me write a book, and in the book we worked together to demonstrate many principles that bear notice.

I and we observe you all as you attempt to put into effect those lessons which you have been taught through the Melchizedek Teachers, that are now being attempted by the discussions of the co-creative design teams. This idea of working together is not new nor is it unique. The fellowship was instructed to develop societies from their long-standing reading groups, and these societies were to be comprised of those loyal students of the revelation who had learned to adjust to one another's peculiarities of personality and which in which each could bring to the forefront their particular gifts, their skills, ability, their character, their values, even their flavor such that each society had its own stamp, its own signature.

Similarly, when the Teacher Corps caught hold in your midst, there was an emphasis given to the Teacher Bases of operation. They became known as The Woods Cross Group, The Tallahassee Group, The Northern Colorado Group, et cetera, and there developed within those groups long-term, bonded friendships, which remain today and will continue throughout eternity because of the effort bonded by association in spirit.

And now this principle is being promulgated and practiced by those of you who have learned to be about the Father's business, either in exercising your own will to develop a working group in your neighborhood, or on-line with like-minded fellows, or in your communities, churches, places of employment or wherever the need arises for people to come together to work as a group, as compared to the practice long-standing of working as individuals.

I will bring into this mix the original twelve apostles as an example of how the character of each participant differed from the others. There were those who were well learned, educated and cultured, and there were those who were simple-minded or nave. There were those who were hard-working physical laborers and there were politicians, speakers, even rabble rousers, and so there was an assortment of personalities that congregated around the Master and sought to learn more of his gospel, and teach it. Eventually they went their separate ways, but their experience of working together stayed with them as a part of their constitution.

The adaptation that is necessary to work with others who are not like you, is an important part of your learning. And this lesson needs be repeated through the mansion worlds and beyond, as you become well adapted to living and working with others. It is the unity of purpose that draws men together -- men and women of like mind. Not like-minded in ordinary daily business; everyone has their own preferences and prejudices. But when the goal is set forth, everyone can rally round the cry for victory, and differences can be set aside, in order to accomplish the work, the agreed-upon task. And so the real issue becomes one of defining the goal.

Now many times when you set out to establish a goal, the more aggressive minds will come up with the idea and the workers are expected then to heave-ho and follow through, some even picking up the pieces after the job is completed. And this works as long as everyone is fulfilling themselves in the process. The Alpheus twins, for example, had no problem doing what they did for the Master, even though it was not one of the tasks that was considered critical to their success. They were not effective speakers. They were not deep thinkers. But the work they did was critical to the camp. Someone who had more capacity having to do such work may feel resentful.

It is important that everyone finds their task, their level of functioning and functions there in joy. When we set out to create a new paradigm of civilization (which we are doing by these efforts, these repeated efforts to present and promote effective patterns of community), it is important that each person be respected for the task they take on for themselves. This volunteer army is the most effective. More effective than the draft, because the soldiers work willingly. They work enthusiastically and they do what they do because they love doing what they do. They don't resent what they are doing because someone is forcing them to do something that they may not enjoy doing.

One of the things you learned through the Teacher Corps was "loving service" and that if what you were doing as loving service was not done willingly and lovingly then it didn't count. It was not loving service at all, it was fulfilling an obligation, which may be, of course, construed as a form of loving service, but the idea in loving service is to allow your heart to lead you into serving others, not your mind.

We are at the beginning now of a new dispensation, and we will be pursuing the course for the next millennia, and we will make progress toward the next phase of light and life. Even as civilizations arise and fall around you, you who are workers in the field for Christ will continue to practice these gifts of the spirit that will augment and enhance evolving man's approach to civilization. You will learn to depend upon the gifts of the divine spirit in practical matters.

You have something to offer in terms of family life because of your personal relationship with the Father and you will be able to represent this value by the way you involve yourself with your brothers and sisters. You will create tasks that groups of you can agree upon and once that task has been completed, you will dissolve and perhaps at another time later you will return to work together as is promised through the auspices of the social architects.

Sometimes you will get a group together that can't get it together, that stumbles all over itself in eagerness but cannot ever get on the same page. These are not lost. These experiences are learning experiences, not just for you but for us as well. Remember, it is an experimental world that you live on, and just as cooks will practice throwing different ingredients together to come up with a new recipe, so do we draw together unlikely associates in anticipation of the possibility of "chemistry." Sometimes these relationships virtually crackle with divine energy. Sometimes they "peter out" quickly. But some of them mellow into lifelong associations that quietly and steadfastly stoke the fires for others.

Learning to work together is a part of your education, and although you have all experienced some degree of working for God in your own right, eventually and in His time, you will find yourself in a position to work with others 1, 2, 10, 20, 100 and it will always serve you well to inquire -- if not of them then of yourself -- what is our goal? What is our mutual purpose? For if you are at cross-purposes, you will surely fail. And if you are united in purpose, you will surely succeed even though you may not agree, even though you may not even like one another. But this is indeed the direction in which we will be going: learning to work together, effectively, efficiently, even happily, as we pursue the course into this next era.

These principles of creating civilization (?) of the revelation when the rubber meets the road. Without spiritual resources, you will not be able to survive the challenges of the development of civilization, and so it is imperative that each of you eagerly embrace your own god consciousness and stay close to your indweller and let your own indweller lead you out into the arena where your fellows await the orchestration that will come about if and when you all do what you do harmoniously.

We return to the symphony. If you have your instrument and it is tuned up and ready to play, when the Master Conductor taps his baton and prompts you to begin, you will know how to proceed. You will know who you are and what you need to do. You will find your niche. You will hear your prompt. You will make your music as part of the great orchestration of advancement. Sometimes it will sound like a cacophony of noise, but a little practice, a little patience, a little effort and a little good humor will go a long way. And soon the choir will be invited to sing, "Hosanna! Hosanna."

I wanted to review one of these points of fact, not because they are so spiritually inspiring but because they feed your need to think about how you can do something for the Kingdom, literally do something in your material world for the men and women, old people and young people, rich and poor, Jew and Gentile, as the Master admonished, and how you can do that in this day and age with today's needs, with today's politics, in today's world.

I will leave you with that one thought and hopefully I will be able to come back at another time and develop another thought on behalf of the advancing reality that we have come to bring. As I step away from the podium, I will ask a Teacher to come in to host the group. Thank you.

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