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BB- Monjoronson.Com Now Serara.Org

The site is dedicated to the Magisterial Son and his Mission to Urantia. Monjoronson will use his Paradise name, Serara, when he wishes Urantia to know how much Paradise cares what happens on this planet.


Book on Monjoronson: Global Sustainability & Planetary Management

Information from Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son to incarnate on Urantia, consisting of 168 pages, by Dr. Daniel Raphael (May, 2007). In PDF file format and requires Adobe Reader.


Daynal Institute

A Worldwide network of persons exploring the spiritual counterpart of advancing material knowledge and temporal wisdom.


Light & Life Dot Com

Our multi-media Exploration of the Spiritual Universe is for your enlightenment and entertainment.


Rayson Science

This web site publishes new scientific findings as reported to the public through the Magisterial Mission offices of the Science Officer for the Magisterial Mission on Urantia. It contain multiple pages of graphics and interest.


Seth and Jane Roberts present themselves again!

This site present the famous Jane Roberts dictation of Seth teachings upgraded to the present years of knowledge and learning by those who know Seth and report on his doings on the internet.


The PARAMONY - A Study Reference

The Bible & Urantia Book Cross-Reference Resource - Over 13,000 cross-references between The Urantia Book and the Bible, including major books of the Apocrypha - Developed by Duane Faw.


The Plan For The URANTIA Book Revelation

PDF Document - Description of the Production of The URANTIA Book: By Carolyn B. Kendall. The document is both a review of history and purpose behind the Urantia Book as seen through the eyes of one who was very close to these activities.uding major books of the Apocrypha - Developed by Duane Faw.


The PORTAL Newsletter

The Portal is the O'Dell new monthly publication. The idea is to peek through the porthole of time and space into another dimension .


The Teaching Mission Network

We are a band of friends and kindred spirits who have been working with celestial teachers for some 20 years, as both listeners and transmitters.


Time Line Of Historical Events In The Teaching Mission

Version January 2013 - The Document is a Catalog of The Events That Shaped The Correcting Time & Teaching Mission since its inception in 1992 but preceded much earlier by the planning of the Creator Son almost immediately after Pentecost. In PDF file format and requires Adobe Reader.


Time Line Of Historical Events In The URANTIA Community

David Kantor's Compilation of the History Surrounding the Production of The URANTIA Book, How the Book was Treated, and Events which shapped the present situation within the Urantia Foundation, the Urantia Fellowship, and related organizations. The Author, David Kantor does not consider this compilation as "official", but it does offer the most comprehensive view of the Urantia Book history on the planet.


URANTIA Book International

Links To Urantia Book Sites Around The World.


URANTIA: Search and Read Urantia Foundation Urantia Book Web Sitel

Various degrees and elements abound on this web site for those who wish to know more about the Urantia Book and much of the history behind it.