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The FLURRY are publications that announce new universe policies and additions to the Urantia Book concepts that are tentatively considered for inclusion into the Second Volume of The URANTIA Book.  The Second Volume is a companion volume to the first URANTIA Book and will be published likely the end of this century or sometime the next century. 

JUS REGULAE URANTIA is a new publication for those who are interested in the question of Justice on Urantia.  The text explains what the title is about and what the publication is meant to do.


These FLURRY and JUS REGULAE URANTIA files can be previewed or downloaded to your computer in the PDF format.  Just click on the links provided for your convenience.

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JUS REGULAE URANTIA - Vol 1 - Number 1
Released June 11, 2015

This is Vol I number 1 of the new publication.  It is a difficult subject but very informative about why the Magisterial Mission just has not been able to get into our world as a Mission just yet.



The Flurry is a publication used to publish more difficult material that is given all at once in a great deal of transmission energy and busyness.  It is shorter than the Summaries and deals with fewer subjects and not quite the heavy-weight the Summaries can be.  They are published, like the Summaries, when it is asked that certain information be presented to the subscribers of the BCC List.  It is that list which sends the new Summaries and the new Flurry to subscribers when they become available.

Subscription is free and all it requires, if interested, is an email to aronolac@comcast.net asking to be subscribed to the BCC List.  Requests will receive an acknowledgment to their email stating when they have been subscribed.

FLURRIES Published in 2012 are all Volume I, and each time published they obtain a new Number.  To the point in time presently there are Six Flurries.



Flurry Number 1
Box net link to The FLURRY Vol 1 No 1 020612

Contents: Undreamed of Spiritual Power

Flurry Number 2
Box net ref for flurry Vol 1 No 2
Contents: The Roots of The Urantia Book (historical research and little revelatory input)

Flurry Number 3
To Flurry No 3 dated 021612 The Dangerous Borderland
Contents: The Dangerous Borderland

Flurry Number 4
Contents: Revelation of Spirit Directive Number Fifty-Five from the Eternal Son setting out the remediation of Urantia

Flurry Number 5
Contents: Cleaning Up The Remaining Problems Existing in The Invisible Zones of The Grid and The Borderland  Encircling Urantia

Flurry Number 6
Contents: Assembling The Mortal Staff Corp For The Magisterial Mission And For The Second Return of Michael; Gabriel Announcement;  The Order of Michael awards; The Incarnation of the Melchizedeks; Mortal Staff training and fusion possibilities.

Flurry No. 6 Addition
ADDENDUM to Flurry 6
Contents: Christ Michael adds more information about his second return to Urantia
The Flurry Vol I No. 7 July 24, 2012 - The CARO Calculations
Contents: Mathematical Calculations to Determine the Actual Number of Perfect Planets in each Havona Circuit  (Table)
The Flurry Vol 1, No. 8 Before This Year Ends 092512 BCC List
Contents: A Proclamation through Master Spirit Number 7, Aya, from Triunity Number One concerning the immediacy of changes to our planet which will be in evidence before the end of this year (2012).
Flurry Vol I No. 9 Release 05Nov2012 BCC List
Contents: Communications with Superuniverse 6 and the Human Planets of Honeidar and Salisar and why these planets are of interest to Michael and the Council of Equilibrium in Superuniverse 7

Flurry Vol I Number 10 - Ultimatons - 112512
Contents: Additional Revelation concerning the power of Ultimatons
Flurry Vol II No. 1 Higgs Boson 20 March 2013
Contents Summary:
The Chief Science Officer of the Magisterial Mission has written and introduction to the Paper.  I have added a foreward after his introduction and then the Paper launches into describing that the Higgs Boson is a different type of Ultimaton with most unusual properties and a variation of the common variety of Ultimatons we are used to as in electrons and protons.

For those on the BCC list, the email that the Paper had as an attachment of the PDF file (that is the link you find above),  I also sent a message introducing certain concerns among which is the inability or actual dislike of some readers understanding Papers like this and the technical information it requires to understand a little about what is said.

In my message I answer this by telling all readers that I am not a mathematician or a physicist but have my education in the humanities.  However, working the with Science Officer for the Magisterial Mission, I did learn the rudiments of particle physics without killing myself to do it.  Yes, I can still get the wrong end of the stick in understanding, but I am set straight in the narratives by the scapulae in the kind hand of Rayson who is the primary information dispenser from on high.  So I do hope you go into this Paper with an open mind and even though some passages are obscure, they grow on you if you love a good story.

Of interest to those who read here is the critique our on-high science buddies provide about the CERN accelerator (it could blow up if they do not reduce the power they are using), and the disconcerting fact that the Boson they caught in their sensors is actually a chewed up version of the Higgs Boson with its mantle half torn off and having attracted a little cesium 190, just a tad radio active.  Otherwise they clue us in what a Higgs Boson really does in the universe which turns out to be a black widow spider that eliminates sick particles and dispatches them back to ultimatons, a few quarks, and a few neutrinos, for revivification in new matter.

I think you will find the reading almost sci-fi, which CERN is too, but the celestials can outdo those guys any day!  Enjoy!
by editor and publisher: Aronolac (Ron Besser)
Flurry Vol II No.2 The Nature of Spiritualism 26March2013
Summary of Contents: Spiritualism still has a following today and it has received a bad rap from others, but where does its contribution become positive and how should it be viewed today?
Flurry Vol II # 03 The 13th Flurry published The Flurry Vol II No 3 Part I Headlines Hardinge Censor Midwayers 091713.pdf
Comment: Just a note to readers, this Flurry is coming to you in two different issues.  Part I is attached here and Part II will arrive when editing is further along.  So much material came in rather than plop a 40 page document in your lap, I decided it would help us both to break down into a document reduced to about 25 pages and send it to you in two parts.  There has been so much that has been reported over the past two years that it was considered necessary to review where we are now with various elements of all that news.  That review constitutes these two parts of the Flurry Volume II Number 3 and eventually Part II later. 
Flurry Vol II, No 3, Part II News to Urantia 27Sep2013.pdf
Miscellaneous postings of the changes occurring to humans for the Magisterial Mission.  It was written and formed a part of Flurry No. 13, but because of the length of 13, it was broken into another unit as 14.
Flurry #15, Vol II, No 4, The Testimony of Caligastia 23 Oct 2013.pdf
Flurry #16, Vol III, No 1, Ultimatonic Data 12 Jan 2014 .pdf
More on Ultimatons and some basic information about them  
Flurry #17, Vol III, No 2 - Doctor Sadler's Journal 17Jan2014.pdf
https://app.box.com/s/3ejh4pouzu02762k0l3n The early discoveries of Dr. Sadler as he began to gather information to begin work on the Urantia Book in Chicago
Flurry #18 May 13, 2014 - Climate Change and Seismic Activity on Urantia
Climate Change and why the earth is heating up. Explanation of why global warming is taking place and a glimpse into the future of the world land masses as they change.


Flurry #19 Volume IV The Revelation of The Missions to Urantia 2015 - 19Jan2015.pdf
Our Chief Administrators have revealed more Magisterial Sons to be part of the Mission, and discuss how they will be used as two bestowal Sons and as one incarnation for the mission.

Flurry #20 , Vol IV, Number 2 - 11 March 2015.pdf
Part I: Magisterial Mission: General Staff Requirements & Conditions.
Part II: Adam & Eve: General Teaching-Staff Requirements & Conditions

Flurry #21 , Vol IV, Number 3 - Released 28 April 2015.pdf
Subject Review of Temporal Changes Coming To URANTIA

Flurry #22 , Vol IV, Number 4 - Released 29 August 2015.pdf
The Magisterial Mission proposes to use its powers to reduce the inability of the United States to promote even its own good governance because of stalemate and political decisiveness.
Several days ago I had a lot of discussion with past presidents who have been convened on Edentia to speak to what could be done once the Magisterial Mission established itself on Urantia to have the United States become unencumbered with all that is wrong in the politcal system that evolved since the end of World War II.
The Flurry presented herein is a very brief summary of what they propose, but it is wide enough in scope to give the general reader a sense of what is pending over the next five to ten years.

Flurry #23 , Vol IV, Number 5 - Released 04 October 2015.pdf
The Most Highs of Norlatiadek, capital of Edentia, have profusely given their time to present to readers their view of the Middle East problems and the Russian Coalition as proposed to the United States. They reveal what the Russians may be up to and why, and some good analysis about Moslems and the problems of religion in that area of the world. It runs 20 pages and is linked to for your download and reading pleasure.