Building Energy Anchors and Merkabahs

By Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.


Each person is, in reality of an energetic universe, a small Merkabah. We have an energy shaft (anchor) and an aura (radiating lines of energy) around us in the shape of a globe. The "north pole" of our energy shaft is connected to Paradise, the source of all energy. The "south pole" is connected to Earth’s center. It enters our crown chakra and exits our base chakra. This completes an energy circuit from Paradise through us to Earth-center. Wound around the silver cord is a double helix composed of a electric blue mind-line and an electric pink heart-line. Do not confuse this with masculine and feminine.

Using our consciousness, we become aware that we are a receiver of universe energy that comes to us through our energy shaft, which some people call "the silver cord." By the use of our will, we can project and direct the universe energy that comes to us to anywhere and to any place in the universe. It is instantaneous!

Because universe energy comes from Paradise, which is in the eternal universe, it is not restricted to time or dimension. Only consciousness can manipulate universe energy, but only the consciousness of the Creator can control (create or destroy) it. For the purposes of this article, we will confine the use of universe energy to this planet.


Not all Merkabahs are temporary, some Merkabah Anchors are permanent. Building any Merkabah requires two or more people. Their first task is to declare their intention for building a Merkabah. It is essential that their individual intentions be in alignment so that their combined energy streams in the Merkabah become unified and have a combined integrity of wholeness.

Second, facing each other, they then direct the joining of their energy streams at a "north pole" point above them; and at a "south pole" point below them. They become the equator of the Merkabah globe of energy.

Simultaneously as that occurs, a shaft of energy flashes into existence between the north pole point and the south pole point, which creates the Merkabah. Also, simultaneously, the "aura" of the Merkabah also flashes into existence. This creates a globe of energy with an equator consisting of the blue mind-line energy and the pink heart-line energy that runs through the minds and hearts of each person who built the Merkabah. Golden auric lines of energy stream from north to south, like lines of longitude. What I have seen is that the "frequency" of the Merkabah is determined by the rate of rotation of the Merkabah, and this is determined by the "spiritual light" of each person. The more en-"lightened" (spiritually evolved) the person, the higher their frequency, the brighter is the Merkabah, and the broader the diameter of the Merkabah stream of energy.


Establishing a permanent Merkabah Anchor requires the unified intention of the members of the Merkabah, and co-creative assistance of their Guides and Guardians (keepers of the Flame).

Again, the Merkabah members who built the Merkabah must declare their individual and collective intentions for establishing a permanent Merkabah Anchor. Their individual intentions must be in alignment, and their declared collective intention must be whole, having integrity…i.e., not be self-conflicting. The leader who has assisted the team members build the Merkabah, then asks all of their Guides and Guardians to co-creatively establish the energy shaft of the Merkabah into the Earth and into Paradise as a permanent Merkabah Anchor. Having done so, they give thanks and appreciation for the co-creative assistance of their Guides and Guardians.

When the Merkabah team members disconnect from the Merkabah, the permanent energy shaft (Anchor) is left in place in that geographic location. Members and others can tap into that Anchor at any time and from any place on the planet.


Realizing the power of a Merkabah’s energy is a matter of consciousness to tap into the energy of the Merkabah, and the use of a person’s will to direct it to where it is needed. Using a temporary Merkabah is done while the member is in the equator with other members of the Merkabah. Using a permanent Merkabah Anchor, this can be done from any place on the planet.

Simply become aware (conscious) of the energy stream of the Merkabah, then using your will, direct an arc of energy from the north pole of the Merkabah to wherever it is needed, for whatever purpose.

Good results come from good intentions. Again, declare our intention (the simplest form of prayer) for using it. Try not to condition the outcome, but let the universe energy of the Merkabah energy stream be used for "right and perfect healing" for example, "right and perfect development" of some project, or to put some situation into "right and perfect order." For example, if you want someone’s arm to be healed, then the energy would enter their arm for healing, which is limiting. But, to continue this example, if you guided it to heal all aspects of the person’s body that was not in right and perfect order, then the arm and anything else that needed healing would be healed, too.


YOU condition the energy that moves from the Merkabah to the destination. If you pray for peace, but are resentful about someone, some nation of people, or group of people, then you can anticipate that the peace you seek for others will be limited as much for them as it is in you. Universe energy is neutral, always.

Realize that there is a safety feature in any Merkabah built with good intentions that has integrity: When you tap into the energy stream, you also are tapping into the Cosmic Mind line energy and the Cosmic Heart line energy. This comes from the Father Spirit and Mother Spirit of the universe. Their intentions for the universe are whole, un-compromised, and has eternal integrity. When you condition your connections to the Merkabah energy shaft with the Cosmic or Universe Mind and Heart energy steams, then the outcomes of your use of Merkabah energy will be in divine order.

Be clear in what you pray for. When you use a Merkabah energy stream, anticipate that you will get what you pray for, when it is needed. Best wishes!